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First - DO NOT try to rush this technique.

You need to read it SLOWLY for MAXIMUM BENEFIT

First, make sure that you are sitting comfortably and that you will be undisturbed for a few minutes while we take some time to find an inner calm space.

Kick off your shoes and take a few deep breaths.

Shut out everything around you now, as you sit there in that comfortable chair, resting your arms gently on the arms of your chair, you allow it's comfort to fully support you now.

Feel the cushion under you and the back of the chair holding you comfortably as you relax into it's softness.

Feel the floor under your feet.

cloudsTake another deep breath and gently relax all of your muscles now.

Breathe deeply as you sit there, and with each breath, as you breathe out fully, relax even more and feel calmer and calmer.

Allow your mind to float freely as you relax. Imagine that you see a doorway in front of you. In the doorway you can see that it leads to a beautiful garden. The garden looks so inviting, that you want to step through that doorway and be in that sunny and peaceful garden.

Imagine yourself now stepping through that doorway - take that first step through and see the garden beyond. It is such a calm and tranquil place. The sun is shining and you can feel it's warming rays.

The air smells fresh. Breath in that air, fill your lungs with it's vigour and freshness.

In front of you is a path leading towards a large tree. See the tree now with branches stretching out from it's solid trunk. As you walk leisurely along that path and move towards the tree, you can see and feel it's presence.

tree barkAs you get closer now, you can see the texture of it's bark, you can hear the rustle of it's leaves as the breeze blows gently through it's branches. It has a calming shade beneath it where there is soft, green grass growing under it's protective canopy.

The grass looks so lush and green and soft, that you want to sit down and rest awhile and feel the comforting protection of that gentle tree. As you sit there, feel the texture of the green, green, grass beneath you, cushioning you with it's softness. It is so calm and pleasant just sitting here and being in this place. Feeling the breeze, lightly on your face and listening to the gently whispering leaves.

You know that whenever you are flustered or upset, that you can come back here in your mind and sit under this tree where you feel so content and peaceful. This tree loves all that sit beneath it's shady boughs. This tree is bathing you in it's love right now.

BlossomAs you sit, relaxing and feeling loved and contented, look around the garden and see the wonderful array of colourful flowers.

Over on the left you can see a border of bright flowers. See the vibrant pinks growing alongside the deep and rich purples. Close by are oranges and yellows jumbled together in a glorious mixture.

Over to the right there are blues of all shades, some soft and gentle turquoise, some bright and vivid blues and a sprinkling of starry white flowers, like a dusting of fairy snow.

Listen now and you can hear the birds sweetly singing their joy and happiness to be in this enchanted place. Listen even more carefully and you can hear the hum of the bees, buzzing from bloom to bloom, drinking in their nectar and filling their pouches.

As you absorb this glorious vista, you also become aware of the wonderful scents wafting towards you.

A hint of the golden honeysuckle that is draping leisurely over a wall, the scent of roses, perfuming the air with their aroma, the lily of the valley nestled nearby under the shade of your tree. They are all combining now and filling you with their scents and their essence.

Breath in that lovely aroma - they are sending out their love through the power of their perfume. Whenever you smell these scents around you, it will remind you of this perfect moment sat under this magnificent tree, it will remind you of the love that is all around you.

Relaxed gardenYou are feeling fully rested now and your body feels invigorated and full of energy, ready to put new ideas into action. You feel confident and you feel relaxed. You are ready to go back through that doorway now and put your confidence into action.

You slowly bring your awareness back to your body now. Feel your hand on the tree's trunk as you stand up. Feel the blood circulating around your legs and your body. You let go of the tree and stand on your own two feet now. The ground feels solid under your feet and you feel steady.

Now, you are walking back down the pathway, feeling each step as you walk, steadily and confidently towards the doorway.

You feel taller now and you are aware of the loving scent of the flowers wafting around you. The flowers seem even brighter now as you pass each one, radiating their brightness and love in your direction.

You feel the warmth of the sun as you walk, filling you with it's loving rays.

Now you are at the doorway and ready to step back over the threshold.

Feel the step beneath your feet and the frame of the door as you touch it with your hand. You feel the warmth and calm of the garden still on your back as you step through.

As you stand there, take a moment now to absorb all those loving feelings and all of the warmth and energy of that calm and relaxing place.

When you are ready, draw back your attention to that comfortable chair again.

You are aware of the feel of the arms now, of the cushions, of the back of the chair.

You can feel your feet, your legs and now your hands and your arms.

You feel all of your body now, fully alive, including your neck and right up to the top of your head.

Your whole body feels rested now and alive.

Take a look around you. Take a deep breath and fill your lungs. Smell the aromas around you now and bring your attention back to the space around you.

In your own time, you can get up out of that chair and feel confident about whatever you are going to do next.

You feel full of life and energy and TOTALLY RELAXED.

This technique provided courtesy of Psychic Seer

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