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Get first 10 minutes* from only 59c/min by calling our operators on 1800 985 301 then pay from AUD$2.73/min for credit/debit card callers.

UK & International callers, phone on +44 1635 000 889 from 29p/min for the first 10 minutes (new customers only), then from 99p/min.

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*The reduced price offer is only available to new customers paying by credit/debit card. A new customer is defined as a new customer of Stream Live Ltd or any associated partner such as The Circle. The offer is not available on calls paid on your phone bill. Your first ten minutes will be billed at the reduced rate advertised per minute thereafter you will pay the standard rate per minute.


Release Frustration - Kick Me!

A simple releasing process for the day's frustrations

frustration releaserThe Process:

  • Take an empty cardboard box and write on it in large bold letters - KICK ME!
  • Place it by the exit to your office, work place or elevator (safety note - make sure that it is not placed in a position that would cause a trip hazard or fire risk).
  • When you leave for the day - give the box a kick on your way out and let out any frustrations that may have accumulated during the day, instead of taking them home with you.
  • Throw the box in the trash when it is getting mangled beyond recognition and replace it with a new one.
  • A note for managers - take note of how frequently the box has to be changed and whether there is any particular day when it gets more abuse than normal!.

This technique provided courtesy of Psychic Seer

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