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Spiritual Cleansing Routine


The aim of this techniqueis to help you feel relaxed and clear. It will help you to better "tune in" to your own intuitive wisdom, as well as allowing a clearer connection with your own spiritual guides.

Practice this cleansing technique several times a day and notice the difference.

The Process

  • First, find a quiet space and clear your mind of any thoughts.
  • You can do this techniques either standing or sitting, but make sure you are as relaxed as you can be with your feet placed flat to the ground. Taking off your shoes and connecting with the ground will help you to feel more grounded as well.
  • Shake your hands out with a flicking motion (a bit like trying to shake water off wet hands) - doing this once or twice will energise your fingers.
  • With the fingers of your right hand, gently rub the area of your third eye (sixth chakra) in the middle of your forehead using a circular motion. Do this very lightly and gently - you should start to feel something in that area - a warmth or slight tingle, maybe lightness. It helps to have your eyes closed, so that your focus is within.
  • Now, bring your left hand up to the same point on your forehead and using both hands, stroke them down the side of your face until they meet at your throat (fifth chakra). As you do this breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale fully through your mouth, letting your shoulders relax as you do this.
  • Flick your hands again to re-energise them.
  • Bring both hands back to your forehead again (sixth chakra) and with the fingers touching or overlapping slightly, brush gently back over the top of your head, (over the crown or seventh chakra) until they reach the back of the neck. Then on and around each side of the neck until they reach the throat again (fifth chakra). As before, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, relaxing the shoulders as you exhale completely.
  • You can repeat this a few times. Notice the shift in your energy.

The following is an affirmation that you can say as you do this technique:

"In the name of the love within, I cleanse my body and I cleanse my soul".

In the place of the word LOVE, you could use GOD, PEACE, HARMONY or any other appropriate phrase for you that promotes a positive feeling within you and feels right for you.

This technique provided courtesy of Psychic Seer

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